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Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Experience exceptional obstetrics and gynecological care in Newtown with Dr. Swati G Bhattacharjee. As a distinguished gynecologist, Dr. Bhattacharjee offers comprehensive services tailored to women’s health needs. From routine check-ups to specialized treatments, her expertise ensures compassionate care through every stage of womanhood. With a focus on patient well-being and comfort, Dr. Bhattacharjee strives to provide personalized solutions for optimal reproductive health. Trust in her expertise for exceptional obstetric and gynecological services in Newtown. Schedule your appointment today for expert guidance and support.

Benefits Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Experience expert care for all aspects of women's health from adolescence through menopause with our comprehensive obstetrics and gynecology services. Trust our skilled OB/GYN team to provide personalized care, from prenatal guidance to menopausal management and everything in between.

Prenatal Care

Our obstetrics and gynecology services offer thorough prenatal care, ensuring the health and well-being of both mother and baby throughout pregnancy.

Family Planning

We provide comprehensive family planning services, offering guidance and support to help women make informed decisions about contraception and their reproductive futures.

Gynecological Screenings

Regular screenings and exams are conducted to detect and prevent gynecological conditions such as cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, and sexually transmitted infections.

Menstrual Health Management

Our team addresses menstrual irregularities and discomfort, providing treatments to improve menstrual health and alleviate symptoms.

Menopause Support

We offer personalized support and treatment options for women experiencing menopausal symptoms, helping them navigate this significant life transition with comfort and confidence.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Skilled in minimally invasive surgical techniques, we perform procedures such as laparoscopy and hysteroscopy to address conditions like endometriosis, fibroids, and pelvic organ prolapse, ensuring quicker recovery times and less postoperative discomfort.

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Have questions or ready to schedule your appointment? Contact our team today for compassionate obstetrics and gynecology services tailored to your needs. We’re here to support you through every stage of womanhood, from prenatal care to menopausal management. Reach out to us now to start your journey towards optimal reproductive health and well-being.


Consult with Dr. Swati G Bhattacharjee

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Your Queries Answered by Dr. Swati G Bhattacharjee

Explore common queries about women's health, pregnancy, and gynecological care answered by Dr. Swati G Bhattacharjee

It is generally recommended that young women schedule their first visit with an OB/GYN between the ages of 13 and 15, or when they become sexually active, to discuss reproductive health, contraception, and screenings.

During prenatal visits, your OB/GYN will monitor your health and the development of your baby, perform physical exams, order routine screenings and tests, discuss any concerns or questions you may have, and provide guidance on nutrition, exercise, and childbirth preparation.

Common symptoms of menopause include hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, vaginal dryness, and sleep disturbances. Management options may include hormone therapy, lifestyle changes, dietary supplements, and medications to alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life. It's important to discuss treatment options with your OB/GYN to determine the most suitable approach for your individual needs.


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