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Led by Dr Swati G Bhattacharjee, our clinic provides personalized care and encompasses prenatal screenings, guidance on exercise/nutrition and regular checkups. We also monitor fetal development and address any potential complications or concerns to ensure the well-being and health of both the baby and mother during this crucial phase. Our services have been designed to provide steadfast support throughout your pregnancy journey.

Comprehensive Antenatal Care Services in Newtown, Kolkata

You can rely on our experienced team to get the best resources, guidance and nurture necessary to prepare for childbirth and parenthood with peace of mind. From conducting routine checkups to prenatal screenings, personalized counseling, and nutritional and emotional support - we are steadfast in promoting the health of expectant mothers for the whole of their journey.

Regular Check-ups

Attend regular screenings and appointments with our expert healthcare team to track your pregnancy's progress, evaluate health and discuss concerns.

Prenatal Screenings

Undergo thorough prenatal screenings to detect any potential risks related to your pregnancy and avoid health complications from arising.

Nutritional Guidance

Receive tailored advice on embracing healthy lifestyle practices that promote your baby and your overall optimal growth and development.

Educational Resources

You can gain access to informative materials and educational resources that will enhance your understanding of pregnancy stages and childbirth.

Preparation for Labor and Delivery

Get advice from medical experts regarding pain relief methods, delivery choices and your preferences for childbirth experience.

Emotional Support

Receive empathetic guidance and support from our team of healthcare professionals who are committed to addressing your emotional concerns and needs.

What are the 5 aims of antenatal care

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Have questions or ready to schedule your appointment? Contact our team today for compassionate obstetrics and gynecology services tailored to your needs. We’re here to support you through every stage of womanhood, from prenatal care to menopausal management. Reach out to us now to start your journey towards optimal reproductive health and well-being.

What are the 5 importance of postnatal care​

Explore the importance of preconception counseling in optimizing your health and preparing for pregnancy. Our expert guidance covers topics such as nutrition, lifestyle adjustments, and medical considerations to ensure a healthy and successful conception journey.

Learn about the various infertility treatment options available, including assisted reproductive technologies like in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intrauterine insemination (IUI). Our clinic offers personalized evaluations and tailored treatment plans to address your specific fertility challenges.

Discover the benefits of painless normal deliveries and the options available for pain management during childbirth. Our team provides comprehensive support, including natural childbirth techniques, epidural anesthesia, and personalized birth plans to ensure a safe and comfortable delivery experience.

Understand the diagnosis and management of common gynecological disorders such as fibroids, endometriosis, and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). From conservative treatments to minimally invasive surgeries, we offer comprehensive care to alleviate symptoms and improve your quality of life.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Your Queries Answered by Dr. Swati G Bhattacharjee

Explore common queries about women's health, pregnancy, and gynecological care answered by Dr. Swati G Bhattacharjee

Preconception Counseling aids individuals and couples in preparing for a healthy pregnancy journey by addressing factors like lifestyle, nutrition and medical considerations. Its main aim is to reduce the risk of complications arising.
Infertility can result from various factors like ovulatory disorders, hormonal imbalances, reproductive tract abnormalities or tubal blockages. Gaining an understanding of the underlying causes through evaluation allows for implementing treatment strategies that improve fertility.
Some of the advantages are - reduced stress and anxiety during childbirth, enhanced bonding between baby and mother, and increased maternal satisfaction. Opting for pain management options like anesthesia can also provide comfort to the mother.
Treatment options for Gynecological disorders vary depending on the intensity of the symptoms and individual preferences. The options for treatment of such include minimally invasive procedures like Laparoscopy for removal of fibroids/endometrial tissue.